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welcome to abstrakt
This is the world of Abstrakt where every sound has a soul, every visual is
mind-blowing and entertainment is beyond your imagination.

Abstrakt Sounds embraces your personal taste of music, produces an alluring visual set-up and entices your guests in participating in an exquisite celebration!  Abstrakt Sounds have no limitations in playlists and are passionate about producing breath-taking visuals! Abstrakt Sounds appreciate the importance of the special moments, which can only be created within that sleek, lavish and precise ambience!

The team of Abstrakt Sounds are gifted in experience and have performed alongside world-renowned artists and within the most elite venues in the UK. The team recognises the importance of ensuring that your guests are relaxed and cheerful when arriving at your reception, yet excited to join you on the dance floor when the celebrations commence. The team are enthusiastic about producing that extravagant entrance, which naturally impacts into an array of smiles and an exhilarating atmosphere. Abstrakt Sounds thrive on making that anticipated first dance not just a spotlight of applaud, but exclusive to your desires, enchanting to your guests and an enjoyable occasion to be cherished forever. Abstrakt Sounds provide a customised experience and hold a great vocal stance, uplifting your guests so that they do not shy away from the dance floor. The team of Abstrakt Sounds are notorious for transforming simple venues into mesmerizing settings and bringing a sparkle to yours, and your guest’s eyes.

Prepare to be mesmerized...
June 10th 2012
"As seen on TV"

Abstrakt Sounds launch their 1st commercial on BritAsia TV, Sky channel 833. The Team at Abstrakt have been working alongside MJA Post Production, Sandhu Photography and one of the Asian industries top producers, Tru-skool, to bring you this exciting TV commercial which showcases the latest Abstr...

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